Hi. I'm Ge Xiaoshuai.

I'm currently a lecturer at Shandong Agricultural University. I teach college English to more than 400 students.
Apart from teaching, I'm really fancinated by linguistics and programming.

Learn about what I do

Here's the stuff I do.

I try to be a good teacher, linguist and programmer at the same time.

Teaching English

Teaching English is my primary job. I enjoy teaching and communicating with students. Among all things, vocabulary interests me most.


It seems non-typical for an English teacher to code. Well, this is what I do. I am a big believer in technology, especially IT.

Corpus Building

To investigate linguistic features of a language without corpora is almost unimagineable nowadays. I have built quite a few corpora.

Here are some pieces of software and corpora I made recently.

Anti-virus software may warn you when you run these applications. It is because they use White List System now.

These applications are safe. They all run on Windows OS.


Copy an English word and paste its Chinese definition!

How do you get in touch with me?

I appreciate any suggestions.

Email me at gexiaoshuai89@foxmail.com
My Mobile Phone No. +86 157 5381 5743
My Baidu Cloud Drive:Click to open link